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Supre Tan started over 28 years ago, dedicated to offering the absolute best performing tanning products available. Formulated using the highest quality sun and skincare ingredients with state of the art technology.

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  • Go to Black

    Take your skin several shades darker in just one use with Go to Black. Go to Black is your Go to Lotion for instant tanning gratification delivering dark color in the blink of an eye. These Incredible Dark Tanning Concentrates combine an advance blend of tanning and skincare ingredients for a gorgeous tan that feels miraculously soft and smooth. 

    Once you Go to Black, you’ll never go back!

  • Snooki by Nicole Polizzi

    It’s all about attitude and style when you use Snooki by Nicole Polizzi.

    For those who want to experience the perfect tan this advanced formula boosts up the tanning process for dramatically dark results. Enriched with vitamins and skin conditioning extracts your skin will feel amazingly soft, smooth and ready to party.

  • Tan Candy

    Enjoy a taste of darkness with Tan Candy.

    These candy inspired creations combine the richest dark tanning ingredients with Sugar Cane and Sweet Almond Oil for delicious dark color that feels soft and truly irresistible. Mixed with a sweet candy scent, Tan Candy will sure to be your favorite tanning treat.

  • Smoke

    When it comes to superior tanning performance Smoke is that timeless classic that cannot be beat.

    Designed for who want to dramatically darken their tan, these revolutionary formulas combine Vitamins and Minerals with our exclusive Oxygen Regenerating System™ for extraordinary color and vibrant looking skin.

  • Tan Culture

    The Tan Culture Collection by Supre Tan is a celebration of self-expression and pop culture.

    Designed for ALL tanners these unique products deliver seriously dark color. For those tanners who love their body art each product offers the added benefit of our Tattoo ColorShield Technology.™

  • Hashtag

    For trending color that can’t be beat you need to follow Supre Tan’s # Collection!

    This collection combines dark tan enhancers, Bronzers and the perfect blend of skin conditioning extracts for the ultimate in OMG look at me color!

  • Delicious

    The Delicious Collection is a mouthwatering array of lusciously dark formulas bursting with color and flavorful scents. This bountiful selection of tasty tanning treats will indulge your senses but not your wallet because they’re priced oh so nice. 

    Try all the varieties and discover your favorite.

  • Dream in Color

    Dream big with 3 incredibly dark products in Supre Tan’s Dream in Color Collection.

    Bloomin Dark Ultra Dark Natural Bronzer enhances your tan by delivering a perfect balance of beautiful dark color with powerful Age Defying blend of Seven Floral Extracts.

    Sheer Black Flawless Dark Bronzing Elixir is an illuminating color correcting crème that provides a perfect airbrush finish.

    Just Black is an Absolute Black Bronzer that has an extreme skin darkening complex and is infused with Black Quinoa, Licorice and Olive Extracts that condition and replenish essential moisture for a longer lasting tan.

    All of these amazing formulas will easily make the tan of your dreams come true.

  • Sweet & Sexy

    Sweet & Sexy is the perfect tanning complement to your fun and flirtatious lifestyle. Tease your skin with new levels of gorgeous golden color and a more toned and tightened appearance in all the right places, while a sweet hydrating blend of Floral Extracts leave your skin petal soft and smooth to the touch.

  • Pretty Pink

    Perfect, Sexy and Lovely color awaits when you use Supre Tan’s Pretty Pink Collection.

    Each product combines Dark Tan Maximizers with essential extracts and oils to pamper your skin with hydration. Each with a sweet intoxicating scent, you can’t help but to fall in love with your tan.