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  • Lumina
  • Intelligent

    The number one consumer trend with positive, desirable perceptions.. i Products

    Specific Products for every tanning need, a menu of exclusive Melanocyte Energizer, producing the highest level of melanin and and additional tanning benefits.

    Advanced, multiple skin enhancing, moisturizing and nutrition ingredients with top consumer preferred fragrances.

    For those whose lives are enhanced with the newest «cutting edge» technology, they demand high performance, high efficiency product that look smart and advanced. Opinion leaders, who need the newest and the best.

  • Mineral Sun

    Mineral make up for the body and face, combines the perfection of immediate mineral tan with the latest discoveries in the science of tanning skin care.

    Immediate flawless, radiant tan while energizing the skin for a deeper UV tan and selected products are enhanced with various levels of bronzing

    Superb Skin and Tan Enhancements: Silicon Emulsion, Aloe, Shea and Cocoa Butter, and Walnut Oil, improves the overall well being of the skin

    For those who want a rich immediate tan and longer term UV tanning, of their best possible rich skin color. They understand and desire the skin color benefits of skin enhancing minerals and a cocktail of natural based deep moisturizing ingredients.

  • Millennial
  • Noir
  • Luxxe
  • i Renew Collection

    «State of the Art» skin rejuvenating treatment products the build collagen, plumps the skin and elastin to firm the skin.

    Dramatically reduces fine lines and wrinkles, the signs of skin aging and stress

    Use every day, especially before and after Red Light Therapy Treatments.

    For everyone interested in improving the health and vitality of the skin, and reducing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. For customers utilizing the collagen and elastin building, skin renewal benefits of Red Light Therapy, the i Renew products are essential