Applicator & Exfoliating Mitt (Pack Combo)
  • Applicator & Exfoliating Mitt (Pack Combo)

Applicator & Exfoliating Mitt (Pack Combo)

Self tan applicator and Exfoliating Mitt

Apply Your Tan-Applicator Mitt

Quick and easy to use, Selfie®Applicator Mitt is perfect for helping you achieve a beautiful streak free tan. Ideal to use with mousses, lotions and even sprays, this mitt provides a water-resistant barrier to protect your hands from any unwanted staining.

Remove Your Tan-Exfoliating Mitt

Made out of 100% naturally derived fiber, the Selfie®Exfoliating Mitt will magically remove any fake tan and dead skin cells to restore your skin’s natural appearance. Can be used as a dry buff or with water to prepare skin, ready for your next tan.